Melly offers a variety of fabulous services at Highstyle. If you’re looking for anything from nail care to weight loss — she’s your woman. She is trained and certified in the use of triactive laser technology and mesotherapy. I have had several treatments from her, and the results have been fantastic. Melly is a perfectionist — she takes her time and ensures the work is done correctly and as comfortably as possible. I highly recommend her services!!
– M. I., Yelp

I have been going to Meli for laser skin treatments for about 15 years…before laser was known to most. I have very fair skin that was aging prematurely. (My grandmother had deep wrinkles, and I was inheriting that condition). Thanks to Meli, my skin looks amazing.
In addition to improving my face, she has worked on my inside upper arms and legs. These are thin skin areas prone to premature aging.
The skin under my arms and inner legs was sagging and crepey. I was embarrassed to wear sleeveless tops and shorts. These area have now “plumped” back up, and look years younger. I have gone for laser treatments in NYC where I now live. However, nothing compares to the value and quality Meli provides (she is a perfectionist), so I try to make it back to see her when I can. A friend has also been to see her and is also very pleased. Thanks for keeping us young Meli, for your passion, and for caring for your clients!
– Mary B., Yelp

I just had my second treatment for loose skin due to dramatic weight loss. The results are incredible! I did not know much about laser therapy but did a lot of research and went to Highstyle Laser. The owner is wonderful, she recommended appropriate procedures based on my concerns, and she does all the procedures herself. I am looking forward to showing bare arms and legs this summer and not feeling self conscious. I highly recommend High Stye Laser Center!
– Michelle D., Yelp

I loved this place. It was super nice in the heart of financial district, clean and comfortable environment. Very convenient and approachable prices. I have gone to Mely for a few months doing different kind of laser treatments and the results has been awesome. I did dozens of facial and hair removal in underarm and bikini area. It has been a big change appearance of the thick and prickly hair. Almost disappear. Besides, Mely is adorable, taking care of you and makes the treatment as comfortable as posible, was very honest and helpful. I am so happy I came here! My skin looks healthy and glowly. Highly recommend!
– Karen P., Yelp

Super bien Meli es la mejor, duele poquito pero nada que no se pueda soportar.
– Anaid G., Yelp

can’t wait to my next session. truly recommended Meli is always really patient and she always makes me feel confortable. I tried other laser centers before with poor results. I’m happy that I found the right place !
– Infrit C., Yelp

I have had an incredible experience with the owner, Meli. I got a laser facial for oiling skin, hair removal and laser cellulite machine. She was flexible with her hours and was thorough throughout the quick and painless appointment(s). In addition, she clearly explained how each treatment worked and was warm and friendly during, making each appointment fly by. I would highly recommend her if you want a friendly and worry-free experience.
– Denisa B., Yelp

I’ve been to Meli twice and I can’t wait to go back. I try and get a facial a few times a year and always leave feeling better about my skin. Now that I’ve had a laser facial from Meli, I don’t want to get any other type of facial. The laser tightens skin and reduces any dark spots. The first time I went I only had a facial. The second time, Meli also lasered off little dark spots on my chest and arms. I hate these dark spots and didn’t think there was anything I could do about them. It has been less than a week since my arms were treated with the laser and I can tell a noticeable reduction in the pigmentation! Its the best thing I’ve done for myself in a while and I can’t recommend Meli enough!! Seriously, needed to write a review to sing her praises – she is the best!
– Diana D., Yelp

I went here for laser hair removal and have to say it was great!!!! In the beginning I was on the fence and nervous about the pain of laser but after one session with Meli I was thrilled I’d found Highstyle Laser. Meli, is knowledgeable, professional, and very nice, she made what can sometimes be a tough process much easier and more comfortable. I will say laser hair removal does take some time with multiple sessions needed to complete the process but it is totally worth the time and money. Plus the short time spent there is much quicker then the time one spends having to shave or do other hair removal processes regularly. I love now that I don’t ever have to worry about any of that stuff and that I am always ready for any outfit, swimwear to dresses. I highly recommend this place to anybody who is thinking about doing hair removal, I’m thrilled with the results.
– Christina G., Yelp